Architects and consulting
Albaker architects (AA) is a Qatar based international practice founded in 2011 to provide a full range of design solutions ranging from masterplanning to architecture to interior design services. planning to architecture to interior design services. With a solid and unwavering vision to transform places into experiences and destinations, we are convinced that buildings have purposes larger than themselves.

AA believe that architecture has a responsibility to respond to more than the simple needs of society. It is our desire to exceed those needs and invent new techniques and methods for new possibilities to imagine.

AA provoked by the evolving connections that are formed by urban context. The relationships between cities and buildings, buildings and users cause us to explore processes and events that intrigue and fascinate.
AA embrace an integrated attitude toward our projects as a means to generate architecture. The removal of traditional consultant relationships and the invention of cross-collaborative relationships result in a fertile environment for fresh ideas. Embracing challenges and integrating this collaborative culture with all stakeholders is essential to our creative process. We respond to multiple levels of challenges by inventing creative solutions which produce experiences and destinations that exceed expectations.
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