Our company adheres and places these core values into
practice in every aspect of work that we engage in


grounded on the ability and desire of its staff to build huge and challenging projects. Albaker Trading & Construction staff possess a drive to succeed and a willingness to take on new and unique responsibilities. We have initiative, explore innovative ideas, and seek better solutions. We are enthusiastic, hardworking, and committed to quality and excellence. As a company, our company’s assets are managed by professional team of specialists who match the strategies are formulated by managers who grew up in the business. Most of our executives are longtime Albaker Trading & Construction employees who started as project engineers or foremen. At Albaker Trading & Construction, employees are promoted to levels of greater responsibility on the basis of their demonstrated ability and performance. After our staff, our reputation is our most important asset. As one of Qatari’s Company, we know a reputation with honesty and integrity is essential to our business. We conductor business in a manner to grant the respect and good will of those around us. Doing good work, completing it on time, and dealing fairly and honestly with everyone involved are essential to maintain our excellent reputation in the industry. Safety is a core value and a part of our culture for decades. Albaker Trading & Construction committed to the highest standards of safety performance. An organized and effective safety program is developed for each location. We appreciate the achievements of those who directly supervise projects without depending on safety records. Providing a safe work environment is a priority, and adherence to safety policies is a condition of employment. 

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