Al Baker facility management was founded in 2008 as a 100% Qatari Investment by Ahmed A.A. Al Baker,
Mr. Al Baker, Has deep roots of Investments with excellent understanding of business needs as well Qatari
culture. The combined strengths of these two enable us to consistently deliver first class integrated facility
management services, with all tasks completed in-house. With operations across the Qatar, we provide a full
range of facilities management services to single and multi-site portfolios of all sizes, shape and form.
At the heart of our success is an understanding that the multi, medium and short stories buildings we
manage are ultimately about the people that use them. By applying that to everything we do, we can deliver
bespoke, harmonised solutions that support our clients’ activities, drive cost from their businesses and add
value to their operations.


Al Baker facilities management has knowledge, experience and a passion for facilities operations and maintenance. This enables us to deliver sustainable customer solutions in energy efficiency, asset efficiency and human comfort. By getting the most out of resources, Al Baker facility management ensures comfortable, energy efficient working and living conditions, the optimization of technical installations and the highest level of support services.


To be sharp and alert with the determination to improve our performance over the long term. To constantly seek out new ways to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions.


Our focus is on delivering solutions and services ‘with a soul’, as part of a company helping to create a better world by making built environments better for the people who live and work in them. We can achieve this by pulling together in the same direction and keeping sight of the constantly changing needs of our customers.


Our Dynamic and intelligent model, living in the present with optimism and building for the future with creativity. We have the confidence to explore new ideas and develop mould-breaking services and solutions.


By making good connections with colleagues we generate a strong spirit of teamwork, exchanging knowledge and skills so we can unite towards sustainable progress and development. We are always there for each other, working together as one team.


Al Baker facility management provides a complete range of Mechanical Maintenance, Cleaning and Management solutions, 24 hours a day, to some of the region’s most prestigious and technically complex buildings and developments. Our bespoke solutions integrate seamlessly with your core business and optimize efficiencies, as well as meeting all legislative, operational and sustainability requirements within a clearly defined service level agreement. All this is supported via a 24/7 call centre, ensuring that we are there for you, whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Al baker Facility Management are experts in mechanical maintenance with dedicated team have vast experience in such equipment’s maintenance such as chillers, cooling towers, pumps, motors, etc. We use the SFG20 maintenance standard combined with manufacturer’s operation and maintenance data. For the critical equipment, a failure mode effects analysis (FMEA) will be completed to ensure risks are contained and anticipated from the start. In addition, we provide predictive and condition-based services such as vibration analysis, Eddy current testing, laser alignment, thermography and fuel/oil analysis.

Al Baker FM provides high quality standard electrical maintenance for low & high-voltage equipment. As a baseline for the preventive maintenance we use the SFG20 standard combined with manufacturer’s operations and maintenance data. We also have centralized teams in place who conduct professional
surveys of the electrical systems on regular basis for predictive techniques such as thermal imaging, portable appliance testing (PAT) and ultrasound. This enables to detect faults before they lead to failure. Furthermore a large number of our electrical staff have been trained and certified for BS7671 IET Electrical wiring regulations.

Al Baker FM has established an extensive plumbing maintenance services program to install, repair and maintain all plumbing equipment, whilst using state-of– the-art tools and equipment to facilitate quick response to emergencies such as flood, overflow, and blockage. 

Within our plumbing maintenance services, we ensure all preventive measures are taken, thereby preventing premature failure. Implementation of corrosion coupons in chilled water distribution piping, and operating valves through their travel on regular basis, are only a few examples of the small measures that lead to reduction of total cost of ownership. We also provide chemical testing, dosing and water treatment services for open loop, closed loop systems and swimming pools.

We provide a full range of soft services includes office services, reception/concierge, service desk, and cleaning including Skyscrapers windows glass. Each solution is unique and we can also provide other services that don’t fit into the conventional facilities management model but are considered non-core to our client.

Al Baker facility management will spend time listening to your requirements and expectations before allocating the right cleaning method and level of service. We cater to all kinds of buildings, including commercial, retail, residential, government and schools, and can also provide initial cleaners/builder’s where required

The first person you meet when you enter a building is often the receptionist or concierge. This is a crucial service, but it is something that can be difficult to get right.
We recruit only the highest caliber people who undergo a schedule of rigorous training to enable them to meet and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding client.

We will formulate with you the Front of House procedures and ensure a seamless and professional service for all who interact with us. Our concierge personnel provide a professional and friendly face to meet tenants and visitors as they arrive.Our receptionists provide so much more than just meet and greet. Our staff will provide you and your visitors with information on the area and local facilities including restaurants, laundry services and attractions. They can even book your taxi for you.

Properly executed, outsourced services can dramatically reduce the time you spend on none-core activities, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best. We have extensive experience of working with clients of all kinds on projects of all sizes. Our tailored services and talented team mean we are the outsourcing partner
of choice across the Middle East.

Our range of outsourced services includes:
o Landscaping
o Pest Control
o Security
o Elevator Maintenance
o Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting Maintenance
o Waste Management