Al Baker Networks’ IT Infrastructure services can help you map multiple technology solutions to your unique business needs, select the most suitable and effective elements from the array of current and emerging technologies, and deploy them to your greatest advantage. In addition, Al Baker Networks can help with developing the necessary processes and tools to support the rapid implementation of enhanced services for your customers and end-users. Network Infrastructure Consulting Solutions combine services from other consulting portfolios to offer a complete solution or address a vertical industry.


Data cabling forms the backbone of IT infrastructure. Good cabling solution can easily eliminate the poor network performance and downtime. Adherence to the industry standards ensures the security of your cabling system. From Cat5 to Cat6 and beyond we have the necessary skills and the engineers to install or upgrade your network. Al Baker Networks provides you full technical expertise in designing, integrating & maintenance of communication cabling thus providing a strong base for well-functioning infrastructure.

Local-area network (LAN) switches are at the core of all networks, providing high-speed connectivity, applications, and communications systems. Today’s networks not only need to efficiently and securely transmit bandwidth-intensive data, voice, video, and wireless applications, they also need to provide for evolving traffic patterns, new services, and optimized application performance.

Al Baker Networks with its global partner provides you class effective wireless solution which is scalable, manageable and secure to improve your business productivity. We combine the best elements of wired and wireless networking with the same level of security, reliability and ease of deployment and management
which you expect from your wired LAN. Having integrated partnership with industry leading technology provider we can deploy solutions that help your business to achieve desired goals and provide a smooth migration path towards future technologies and services.

Al Baker Networks specializes in design, supply and installation services of TV distribution systems which include SMATV, MATV and CATV. Working closely with our partner who is a global leader in supply of electronic and communication equipments we are able to design, supply and install the SMATV system that will make sure that you get the best reception quality at all the time. Our experience in design, installation and commissioning of these networks ensures a crystal clear picture quality, whether it is a high rise building or housing complex with maintenance free system. supply and install the SMATV system that will make sure
that you get the best reception quality at all the tim.


With the increasing threat to security, the need to visually monitor and record events in an organization’s environment has become a matter of prima facie. A good CCTV system can make your business safer, more efficient and less prone to the thefts and accidents. We do the consultation, integration and deployment of digital video surveillance systems running on IP-based networks to help improve your security programs with surveillance solution that is specific to your business purpose. The service provides for a complete solution of data capture, storage and retrieval solution that helps safeguard people and the asset. With our surveillance solution you can go live over the internet or a closed network for surveillance which provides clearer and crisper images that could be tracked and manipulated easily.

Al Baker Networks with its comprehensive web based Access Control System, offers its clients the most recent and reliable access control technology through its strong business relationships with leading companies that are established providers in the key infrastructure security markets. Our access control system can be seamlessly integrated with other security systems such as CCTV and Intelligent Fire Detection System to give you the most reliable and comprehensive security solution. With our Access Control System you can be assured that security at all the times is monitored and the security of all the staff personnel against intruder is also maintained throughout.

Toggle ContentTime and Attendance System is a software system that monitors the working time of the employees which also includes overtime/docking of non-exempt employees. These systems may be integrated with existing payroll processing software or Excel calculation formats. These are also good for tracking labor distribution, building security, and personnel scheduling.

This user friendly and customized software has following advantages:

• Easy to use
• Accessible anytime, anywhere
• These can also be used as an ID card
• Good for rescheduling and re-deploying staff
• Overtime criteria can be set to control

An important way of controlling the security in your organization or business is through your doorway and implementing Door Entry Intercom. Having collaboration with world’s largest intercom manufacturer, we can offer you a product range from simple-audio-only-two-station system to sophisticated video door answering intercoms for various commercial, industrial and residential applications. Our intercom and door entry designs are high quality, modular, functional as well as attractive. The flexible and versatile system can be easily integrated with access control.

Complying firmly with international safety standards, we offer a complete line of Gate Barriers. These are designed to offer complete reliability, smooth and efficient operation and minimal maintenance. The product is also customized making it customer specific. Our Gate Barriers can operate as standalone units or can be networked providing a complete parking and access control solution.


A new generation of IP-enabled voice solutions bring network services including voice and data into a single, manageable platform ideal for a business with small offices or branch deployments. The principle involves converging voice and data on the same network, and, therefore, need to ensure that their existing networks can take on this additional load. We at Al baker Networks deploy theses services and analyze your existing network for congestion, and in case you’re planning to use VoIP over your WAN links, we work out the requirements for it, and deploy it for you.


In order to have the competitive edge, motivated employees and enhanced productivity, Smart construction and building Solutions are the call of the day. Smart buildings contain a high level of electronic microprocessor based control systems. The individual systems like AC, power, fire, and security etc. get integrated to share information and communicate between themselves. Along with these, there are telecommunications systems for voice, data, and video transmission. These work more intelligently and the result of which is a smart building. Al Baker Networks designs and builds turnkey Smart Buildings, Data Centers to support rapidly changing, state of the art electronic infrastructure.


In order to have the competitive edge, motivated employees and enhanced productivity, Smart Building Solutions are the call of the day. Smart buildings contain a high level of electronic integrated audio visual programs and systems are the hallmarks of Albaker Networks. We specialize in the AV needs of Residential Home Automation, Corporate Communications, Command and Control Rooms with Smart Building Technologies. With the brilliant combination of consultation, system design, installation and training and service you get everything with the best quality assurance. Our Audio and Visual Integration System can improve your organization’s presentation abilities, workplace efficiency and communication. We install and support the most advanced professional digital audio and video products, teleconferencing, controls and AV system.


Our Towers management system solutions give you more control and easier access to information than any other system of its kind. They incorporate open systems technologies of both the building automation and the information technologies industries. The result is a system that integrates all your building equipment, organizes the information in the most logical way imaginable and deliver it where and when you need it. And with wireless technologies, you can cost-effectively expand into all kinds of spaces you couldn’t before. We have building control systems to manage the energy, comfort and protection needs of your building no matter how simple or complex.


Al Baker Networks with its partner in FMS provides a total integrated guestroom control system solution to the hospitality industries, in particular, the hotel industry in the global market. FMS Solutions, through modular and networking systems, helps eliminate messy cabling, transient interference and an eyesore of un-uniform interior décor.

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