These core goals, objectives, and approach defines what
Albaker Holding is and what it strives to be in the future.


•   The group is committed to providing a high level of services and products according to International quality standards.

•   The group is keen on establishing a strong relationship based on mutual trust and credibility with its customers. development of the group associated with its
human resources.

•   The group encourages its employees and is keen on training and rehabilitating them and developing their abilities.

•   The history of the group witnesses that it has an

•   The group contributes to the service of community as a part of its social and religious duty.


We are exerting hard efforts to apply the sectors within our local environment, as we are committed to achieve the ideal compatibility between experience in various business and professional competence, technological solutions. We strive to serve our customers with excellence considering environment committed commitment and highest ethical standards. We always distinct group in the local level and we aim to be the best trading & contractor in the State of Qatar.

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